Tips on Entrepreneurship

  1. It is work, practice and a discipline.
  2. It is not a science nor art.
  3. It is a narrow path which very few are prepared to take.
  4. It follows passion and not money.
  5. Entrepreneurs enjoy people and business.
  6. It involves doing something new all the time.
  7. Invest in new opportunities.
  8. It requires one to stay positive all the time since the challenges are many-Yellow hat thinking.
  9. It requires speed, urgency and decisiveness.
  10. It involves creating something new and of value to the customer.
  11. It requires acting at times on gut feeling/instinct and intuition-red hat thinking.
  12. It focus on serving not selling.
  13. It involves thinking of the impossible.
  14. It builds on the customer experience.
  15. It can be learned and applied. 
  16. It moves resources from areas of low return to high return.
  17. It involves asking, listening and looking for options.
  18. It creates new market constantly.
  19. It involves specific actions and behavior leading to specific results.
  20. It involves consistent action.

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