In his book 17 indisputable laws of Teamwork.Leadership expert, John Maxwell give this narrative, citing climbing of Mount Everest.

In climbing Mount Everest, the tallest Mountain in the world . Many teams are involved:

1.Those carrying supplies

2.Those cutting paths

3.Those Securing ropes

When one team gets tired, the other team take it up and continue from there.

Tenzing Norgay was able to climb the tallest mountain in Kathmandu, Nepal. He learned from experience to value teamwork, and put together a good team whereas Maurice Wilson could not accomplish his dream of climbing, and was killed  because he did not place value on good team.

Lesson Learned: In building an enduring organization/institution/company a good team is required to succeed.

This same principles apply to individuals who must have great mentors to succeed.

The greatest physicist, Albert Einstein  said,”if i have come this far it is because i stood on the shoulders of giant”.

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