The Work of the Business Strategist

History taught us lessons of success stories of Military Generals, who were successful in winning wars at the defining moments of their lives.

Hannibal against the Romans; Alexander the Great against the Persians. In winning such wars which the odds were overwhelmingly against the victors, Alexander the Great and Hannibal. A winning strategy was deployed.

This form the bedrock for all business strategies.A strategy is simply series of steps engaged to achieve an objective or accomplish set goals køb cialis.

Practice the following as a strategist:

1.Practice the principle of mass-Concentrate resources in areas where maximum benefits would be derived. Example improving product functionality, the case of mobile phones constant upgrade.

2. Practice the Principle of Flexibility-Be prepared to change the ways of doing business should the external business environment change. The Dinosaur could not evolve features or characteristics that would have conferred advantages on it, when the external environment became unfavorable , and therefore had to go extinct. Creativity and innovative ways of thinking are needed at this stage.

The advent of the Internet or the world wide web changed the way business was previously conducted.E-commerce was born which flattened the world. E-commerce phased out some traditional shopping centers in America, Europe and part of Asia.

It brought numerous business opportunities to many, for instance Pierre Omidyar of ebay; Jack Ma of Alibaba and Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

3.Practice the Principle of cohesion-There should not be tuft wars or power struggle. A good team of average talent would perform better, than good talent in a team not working together.

4.Practice the Surprise Principle-Use existing new technology, new ways of business processes and systems to beat the competition

5. Practice the Principle of Exploitation-Thrive on your strength and do not relax. Learn lessons from the hare who was outpaced by the slow and steady Tortoise, because it stopped to enjoy the moment.

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