How did the mighty fall

In January 28,1986, NASA launched the spacecraft challenger. The decision to launch the shuttle resulted in disaster -the spacecraft exploded 73 seconds after the launch at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral in Florida air space. All the 7 crew members lost their lives propecia 1mg prix.

Special investigation conducted revealed that the decision to launch should have been delayed, based on the recommendation of Morton Thiokol. Morton Thiokol, the company contracted to manufacture the O-ring.

The O-ring seal the air spaces to prevent stream of flame coming out from the shuttle booster’s, and getting into contact with the external fuel tank. The company during the preparatory stage to launch by the NASA Team. found out that the freezing  weather conditions did not help in the O-ring mechanism working properly.But, hubris(high confidence level disputing reality)  on the part of the team defied safety recommendation, leading to the Launch.

The collapse of Lehman Brothers, Arthur Andersen, Enron and Bank of America are all instances of hubris at work, born out of  previous success. Hubris, in addition to uncontrolled desire for more on the part of directors; management and individuals;disregarding safety measures, laid down procedures, regulations and standard practice has wreaked the lives of accomplished individuals and good to great companies.


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