Time Management

Time is said to be finite (limited) and nothing we do will increase what is available to us. There is therefore the need for us to use to gain the maximum benefit, and make the maximum impact, whether we are in school, in the office or at home.

Albert Einstein, the greatest physicist whose theory on relativity added impetus to space exploration. He emphasized that he has much to do, but limited time . The finite of time pushed Benjamin Disraeli, the former Prime Minister of Israel calling for us to be ambitious, and think big.

Here are few tips on Time Management

  1. Plan to the very end: Ask yourself the following questions. a.How much time do i have b.How many activities are there to be done c.which activities are urgent and which one should be prioritised c.which activities can be done together, and which activities should be done in sequence to save time .There is a saying that failing to plan is planning to fail.
  2. Avoid Procrastination-Do what you have to do today. Do not wait for tomorrow.
  3. Delegate-let others do what you can do if they have the skills, so as to free-up time.
  4. Avoid Interruptions-Do not let others intrude into your work to stop you.
  5. Be Discipline-Do what you have to do whether you feel like doing it or not.
  6. Use Pareto 80/20 rule to free up time, by concentrating on  80 percent output from 20% input( time and effort)
  7. Use Parkinson law-Create a limited time, and work within it to achieve the same goal.

Let us use the time well.As the saying goes knowledge is power.

Merry Christmas

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